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October Angel


October Angel Brand Story


As the first domestic pregnancy care brand, the creation of October Angel was inspired by the story of the founder's friends. Once he and his wife went to a friend's house to visit a friend's pregnant wife. Unexpectedly, the friend who came to open the door was actually wearing makeup. Later, he realized that he always loved his wife. He was "experiencing by himself", trying to find a gentle beauty for the pregnant wife. It turned out that none of the women's skin care and beauty products at that time was specifically aimed at the skin of pregnant mothers. A big man impressed Lu Yingwei (the founder) for his wife to try cosmetics personally. He remembered that his wife had similar concerns about skincare during pregnancy and maternity. 

An idea emerged, rather than blindly trying, it is better to create a trusted brand to help mothers solve the problem of skin care during pregnancy and use safe and gentle skin care and beauty products to keep them confident and beautiful during pregnancy. . Based on this original intention, October's first mother's skin care brand for mothers during pregnancy-October Angel, was born.


In order to help mothers avoid skin care blind spots and maintain beauty and self-confidence during pregnancy and delivery, the Angel of October shoulders the mission of finding a gentler and more natural skin care, trying thousands of formulas, visiting multiple research institutions, at the beginning of the new century, Inspired by the Ph.D. in Botany from Harvard University, the Angel of October has improved the separation technology of natural plant extracts, and further improved the extraction rate of the essence. The new skin care technology is safe and gentle and quickly won the favor of countless pregnant mothers in October. Angels developed rapidly.

For 17 years, October Angel has always been committed to solving the skin care problems of mothers during pregnancy and childbirth, deliberately studying the skin characteristics of mothers during pregnancy and childbirth in China, and understanding the beauty of Chinese mothers in addition to ensuring safe skin care. In October, Angels constantly innovated and launched a variety of mild and safe skin care series and beauty products, perfecting multi-dimensional care and safe skin care experience, so that each pregnant mother can rest assured to go to beauty during the long October pregnancy, and still be confident.




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