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October Little Angel


October Little Angel Brand Story

Lu Yingwei (founder), who worked in a daily necessities company, has two children. Not long after Erbao was born, the nanny asked to resign because of something at home. After a long period of time, the heavy stress and mental decline caused the wife to suffer again. One day he came home from work. The uncomfortable wife asked him to take a bath in Erbao and wash it halfway. Dabao said, "Dad got the wrong thing. "Sure enough, in a pile of bottles and bottles of toiletries, he took the wrong things that are not suitable for the baby. With Da Bao’s words and unexpected complaints, his friends let him pay attention to the problem of postpartum depression, and suddenly let him realize that in fact many families have no way to ask the babysitter to take care of them. How much hardship these mothers usually experience, especially during the fragile motherhood, If you create an easy way for them to raise children, can it solve many problems? Looking at the bottles and cans in the bathroom, I remembered the many problems I encountered when Dabao was a child. Not only did his wife lose a lot of living space, but the complicated tasks also increased her pressure.


In particular, Dabao’s alert words, he realized that the current mother and baby products are too subdivided, but they are practical. This made the original entrepreneurial mind. He firmly established a brand that helps mothers to raise children easily. Both natural and Health, but also simple and effective, so in countless attempts and research and development, a bottle of a bottle of baby skin care solutions to solve a variety of babies was born, October little angel is carrying "Pamper them, let them relax" The romantic feelings opened the door for moms to relax.




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